Sex can help improve your confidence level
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Sex can help improve your confidence level

Published by: Steven Clark (64)
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Sex is a very important part of our relationship. It is a healthy, endearing and integral part of out lives. To satisfy your partner is important for the overall nourishment of a relationship. Any relationship without the physical intimacy is not effective. It has the ability to destroy a relation and make it worse. Hence physical capability is needed to attain utmost satisfaction.

Men with the lack of this physical capability face tremendous depression mentally. There is a forsaken feeling in them that sets in because of their lack of performance “on bed”. This leads to a fall in their self respect. Sex is a way of expressing one’s love for the other and another way of giving and receiving pleasure. A lot of divorces happen due to this dissatisfaction in the male and female bodies that affect their minds as well.

In our day to lives, by the word “sexual”, the only thing we understand is sex. However, sex is quite different from sexuality. Sexuality is quite broader than having a sexual intercourse and to be sexual is much more than just indulging in a sex activity. Sexuality is a way of showing our care to our partners. It is a disclosure of who we are when we love, who we are as a male or a female. It is about our sexual beliefs, how we are, what we feel, our sexual emotions and values, where we focus our sexual energies that is in-born in us.

Our sexual or erotic energy is that creative rhythmic flow that is almost divine. It is omnipresent throughout our being and flows through not just the sexual parts but arms, legs, chest, hips, breasts and even eyes. The eyes are the best sources of expressing what we feel at a particular point of time. This sexual energy is a profound source of pleasure and Eros which nurtures, heals and bonds the two into the divine union. It is the centre from which one reaches out, widens and fuses with the other.

Sexual self-confidence is knowing that the level of sexual enlightenment can be attained, of the feeling that we can become one. It is a hugely gratifying feeling of being desirous of ourselves also. The body of a person should appeal to himself for that gives him the confidence to completely smash the partner with the utmost of coital bliss.

This pleasure is absent in people who do not get sexual pleasure because of some inabilities. Erectile dysfunction in men is one of the most common diseases that victimizes men and leaves them quite helpless. Here, men are not able to attain erection in their penis and due to this a lot of complications occur. There are medications that can completely cure such a situation. Generic Viagra is one such medication that enables free flow of blood into the peni8s and hardens it thereby leading a very satisfactory sex. Sexuality sees a new light with the use of generic Viagra.There are more durgs like Tadalis SX, zenegra and kamagra polo which can help you cure your impotence.

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