Sex drive killer medication and decreras the sex power
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Sex drive killer medication and decreras the sex power

Published by: Steven Clark (64)
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Having a health sex life is a topic to worry for every couple today. There are many physical and psychological circumstances that can lead to the loss of libido. In this article, will allow us to see weather medication can be a sex drive killer or not.Common medications that can reduce the level of libido, includes; antihistamines, blood pressure medications, oral contraceptives, anti-HIV drugs, chemotherapy, and Synthetic progesterone-medroxyprogesterone.

Birth control pills and contraceptive pills reduce the level of androgen which is generated to reduce lubrication in the female vagina and lowers libido. Apart from birth control pills and contraceptive pills, there are medications that can wipe out your desire of having a satisfying sex life. Drugs for tranquilizers, high blood pressure, anti-depressants can develop the extreme unhealthy conditions such as erectile dysfunction or male impotent.

Anybody who experiences lack of energy, restlessness and unable to feel sexual active, then it is a active stage of depression, and has become the part of many peoples life. Take advice from your physician if you feel you are get angry, sad, upset and emotional very soon, because these are the signs of depression many people suffer from it. Depression can decline the level of libido in your sex life.
There are few medication including, blood pressure tablets, anti depressants, chemotherapy, anti HIV medication, oral contraceptives, and anti histamines, can result into erectile dysfunction or delayed orgasm and low libido.

Make sure that you ask your doctor if the prescribe medicine will effect your sexual life, if so then request him to change or suggest some medications that will not effect your you sex life. Before purchasing medicines make sure that you carefully read if the medicine has any side effects associated with your sex life. If you are undergoing some medication treatment and you feel you are loosing you sexual desire stop taking that medication and consult your doctor. And the other alternative to protect you sex drive is reduce the dose of the medicine. Unlike the other medicine there is Generic Viagra which will help you increase your sexual urge. Which are available in different name and form in the market. The effect of this medicine is very fast and can be purchased online at very nominal prices.

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