Sex helps to lose weight and increase the confidence
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Sex helps to lose weight and increase the confidence

Published by: Steven Clark (64)
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If you feel your technique of losing weight like going to gym and daily workouts and following a strict diet are not at all encouraging you to lose weight. Then you definitely need to try another method to lose weight, and that is to enjoy a healthy sex life. Take advantage of this exercising guide that keeps you in bed for a long with your spouse.

An half an hour session of lovemaking along with your partner will help you lose 150 to 250 calories and sometimes up to 350 calories, depending on how well and how long you performed. Having sex is the best way to lose weight. This appears too good to be true, but yes sex can actually burn calories and tighten muscles if done on a regular basis.

It is always suggest that, never limit your boundaries to have sex once or twice a week, engage in sex for at least three to five times a week. Make some regular practices to put kids to bed early spend as much as possible time together. A healthy regular sex will also help you keep away from various sexual disorders such as male impotence.Generic Viagra is one such drug that increases the quality of sex even at an older age by hardening the penis.More drugs like kamagra, Tadalis SX, zenegra, kamagra jelly and Generic Levitra.

Spice up your sex life, add variety to it. Make use of various missionary positions that will excite your spouse. It is said that the amount of calories you burn by having sex for 30 minutes is equivalent to lifting weights or running. If you have sex regularly, then you eat less because of which ultimately you lose weight. A research study says that people who are frustrated and lonely eat more, and when you have sex you are less frustrated and people who are committed in a relationship are never lonely. Sex also reduces stress, which is another thing that will take you away for junk food. Sex can never stop you from eating, its hormone that helps you stop eating when you are full, more of the hormone you have, the less likely you are to overeat.

Enjoy a healthy diet; eat what will help you increase your stamina to perform on bed. For maximum energy enjoy a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and protein, include chocolate, honey, oysters and garlic in your diet to spice your sex life.

It is not only a good ways to lose weight; because of it you will be able to have a good shape body. The more in shape you are the more you feel like having sex. This is the ultimate win-win situation.

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