Sleep disorders can worsen your sex life
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Sleep disorders can worsen your sex life

Published by: Steven Clark (64)
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Impotence is a condition that completely racks the soul of a pleasant sex life. Generally characterized by the chronic erectile dysfunction where men find it difficult to achieve erection and even if they do they are unable to retain erection for a longer time. This happens because there is not enough blood circulation in the penile region.

There are several factors that lead to such a situation. It has been observed that heavy sleep disorders leads to such erectile failures. Amongst them, heavy sleep disorder is one such reason. There have been various studies supporting this observation. The first study that was conducted shows the relationship between Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and erectile dysfunction.

OSA is something that occurs during sleep in which usually a person’s airway temporarily collapses causing them to stop breathing. Research shows that 63% of the men had OSA and 5.6% were suffering from diabetes and 29% men had smoking habits. Again one more study was conducted where it was found that sleep problems do precede urological conditions such as urinary incontinence and need to get up during late night to urinate.

The scientists have closely examined and come to the conclusion that people who have fewer sleep especially in men and restless sleep habits among men and women are very strongly associated with the lower urinary tract symptoms. These things seriously impact a wide range of health conditions including erectile function and leads to gradual impotence in men. Male impotency is the critical problem which can be faced by many men and still so many have not the actual solutions of this problem. But People should try to overcome this problem by taking the online drugs easily like generic Viagra.z
Another study observes that those who suffer with sleep apnea have low testosterone levels. Testosterone is the hormone that regulates sex drive in men and sexual function in men and low testosterone not only results in low libido level but also triggers erectile dysfunction in men.

It is observed that lack of sleep is the root of all erectile problems and hence it is highly essential that individuals get adequate sleep. Additionally, reducing stress also helps in improving the quality of sleep.

There are, however, medications that relief one from the frustrating problem of ED. These medicines work immensely and on an immediate basis as compared to natural medications that take up a lot of time.  Drugs like Generic Viagra, Cilais, Silagra, are very effective and free of any side effects.

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