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Someone Who Just Might Change Music Alisa Apps

Published by: David Andrews (133)
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I was surfing the internet when I ran into the website of Alisa Apps.
Wow - is all I can say
Let me start at the beginning.
The first thing I see is this Matrix like trailer.
That is different. So I am curious, intrigued.

I enter the site and I see this photo of this woman.
Half warrior, half vulnerable almost angelic in a way yet sexy.
Give me a break here. It’s hard to describe.
So I see she is a singer songwriter. Alright.
There are a lot of those.

Let me see her sing.
And I go to one of her videos.
First I watch this really short one called
“The challenge is real”.  She doesn’t talk,
She just looks at you. Freaky. Makes me feel
like I’m on drugs because her face changes
without her moving her mouth. She is just looking at
you. Watch it. Then you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Now I’m ready to watch one of her music videos. 
This is a home video not a professional one.
But this girl can sing! And the song.
All I can say is that you have to go watch it.
It sounds like I’m repeating myself but this girl is unbelievable.
If she wrote this, I’m impressed. This is so much better than anything I am hearing
on the radio.
So I am getting even more curious.
I start reading her blog and I go
this girl is deep. Poetic, sensitive, aware.
I am so used to seeing the synthetic stars of today
all made up and costumed that seeing somebody who is
authentic makes me want to pinch myself.

Then I go read this declaration of war that she has on her website
and I find out that she wants to save music, take it back to its roots,
raise the standards, hold artists accountable.
It takes me a while to digest it but then it hits me.
This girl could not only revolutionize music but change the world.
Talent, caring, purpose, vision - what a package!

You have got to go look at her website.
It will take you a bit to believe what you’re seeing but then
you’ll get it. Then you too will have hope for this crazy world of ours.
I will be supporting Alisa for many years to come!

David Andrews - About the Author:

Dennis (Den) Earley is a mechanic from Chicago who moved to LA to check things out and because Chicago is really cold. When he’s not working, he likes to game and surf the internet finding interesting tidbits to show off to his friends. Visit Alisa Apps

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