Stock Market Astrology Part III
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Stock Market Astrology Part III

Published by: Govind Kumar (18)
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Jupiter in India’s lunar fifth initiated an economic revival. The foodgrains production is estimated to be 220 million tonnes. Exports will cross the $160 billion dollar mark. The rupee is appreciating and G D P growth will be 8.5% and agricultural growth 4.3%. Even though India is still trailing behind China, it is an improved economic performance on India’s part. Indian statistics adorn IMF’ s website. Forex reserves have crossed $ 276 billion . Result - a booming stock market !

Correlation between Lunar Phases and Stock Market Cycles 

The Moon is posited in his own sign, in Cancer, in India’s horoscope. 

Here we are giving a few tips to take advantage of the rising stock market along with some definitions. .

Resistance Level - Is the level when a scrip encounters resistance. People who could not sell it earlier now sells it as they think that its price is high.

Support Level - Is the level when a scrip gets support. People who could not buy it at the lowest rate of the scrip buy it and the scrip goes up.

Bull Phase - A rising market. Is characterised by rising resistance and support levels.

Bear Phase - A falling market. Is characterised by falling resistance and support levels.

Buy these Cyclicals at their current support levels

You have to understand not only the resistance and support levels of the Sensex  ( 18000 & 21000 ) and the Nifty but also the resistance and support levels of pivotals. Support level is the best level to enter.

Since a bull market means rising resistance and support levels, you have to wait for the market to dip and enter at support levels. If you buy at high ( resistance levels ), then your profitability will be less. A bust is an opportunity to buy and a boom is an opportunity to sell. Book profit once you get profit. When market reacts sharply, you lose the paper profit gained, if you dont book profits. Greed is the enemy of sure profits.

If you want to take advantage of the rising market, check your horoscope and see whether the planet of Finance, Jupiter,  is favourable. Rahu, the planet of gambling, a planet who can give millions,  must also be taken into consideration. If you find these 2 planets favourable, you can go in for calculated risks, which will bring home the bacon !

Saturn rules Oil -  ONGC, IOC, Reliance, MRPL etc  are good buys at their support levels.

Jupiter rules Banking -  ICICI Bank & SBI are good picks at their support levels.

Sun rules PSU Shares -  HP, BP, VSNL etc are good buys at their support levels.

Rahu rules IT -  Infosys, HCL Info , Wipro etc are good buys at their support levels.

Venus rules Auto -  Maruti, Tata Motors are good buys. MICO and Bharat Forge are also good buys as they deal with auto components.  Never buy at resistance levels !

It is said that Warren Buffett, known as the world’s greatest investor, bought blue-chips at incredibly low levels and disinvested them at high levels to become the second richest man in US ( Net worth $ 36 billion ). Do a Warren Buffett !

Govind Kumar - About the Author:

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