Suffering Is a Beautiful Experience in Our Life
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Suffering Is a Beautiful Experience in Our Life

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A lot of people think that the suffering is a crucifixion, striking and losing. They don’t know they can learn from many things from the suffering include obtaining, digestion and the creation of the life. He will have a high opinion of himself and do what he wants to do without forbidden when he have a smooth road in his life; he will extravagant and dissipated when he have much property. If there are no setbacks and encumbrance in our life, we will addict ourselves to the self-satisfied world. When we have no progresses in the life and waiting means the end of the life. Suffering made us heart-broken, but it can stimulate our mind and inspiration. After learning the lesson, suffering cultures our connotation, amending the actions of us, and adjusting the harmonious among the society. Sometimes, we suffered because we break the rule of the nature. We indulge ourselves in wine, sensuality and engorgement.

The stomach must be impaired. We must have an accident if we dump the maze instead of the avenue. The god will warning us if we not comply with the nature. It could avoid the more losing and harm. No matter we make mistakes purposely or not, we finally undertake the consequences. Maybe the punishments wants us return back quickly. So the sufferings resolve the dangerous virtually and help us to be a wise man. Sometimes, there is no reason, suffering just want to chasten us. More setbacks and difficulties will tell us the colorful world. When I was very young, I really hated to have a sport lesson, the lesson always means running. When I ran, the classmates laughed at me because I like a duck. At that time, I was very sad and I cannot overcome the action. Afterwards, a teacher told me that if you could not overcome the posture, you can change your mind. You could image that you are the only person who can ran like a duck. So I relax myself. Now I can accept every laughing in my life. Maybe we experience the suffering; we can know the limitation of human. So we respect the life more and more.

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