TCL 5.6 billion to build industrial park in Inner Mongolia
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TCL 5.6 billion to build industrial park in Inner Mongolia

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TCL 5.6 billion to build industrial park in Inner Mongolia 300 million units annual output of liquid crystal base TCL machine integration project in Inner Mongolia the main product modules 18 “to 65“ LCD TV, an annual output of 3 million LCD TVs. The total investment of 56,100 million yuan, from the establishment of a wholly owned subsidiary of TCL King “TCL Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Inner Mongolia.“ The project is located in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Hongsheng Industrial Park, with a total area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 133,300 square meters, the new LCD TV production line 6, the integration of the whole backlight module line 4, the body including the middle to lower reaches of the entire backlight module machine integrated manufacturing facility, completed in September next year is expected to begin pilot production and output products.

Signing ceremony, when the hall as the production base will be the strategic layout TCL chairman Li Dongsheng of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and two levels of government and the project has been given strong support TCL thanked. He said, TCL module machine integration project in Inner Mongolia, in line with national development plans of new display devices and industrial policies, is the State Council issued one of the top ten industrial revitalization plan, is encouraged by the state and focus on supporting the industrial projects.

In his speech, said Li Dongsheng, 15, Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council executive meeting of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to further promote the deployment of sound and fast economic and social development policies and measures, so that Inner Mongolia regional planning is a step in the introduction, in the relevant support policy driven by Inner Mongolia economic development will undoubtedly entered a period of accelerated.

The smooth implementation of the project contract is the first State to implement the spirit of the meeting, Inner Mongolia region to promote the overall economic transformation and upgrading of the first concrete action, TCL Group is willing to seize the opportunity for the Inner Mongolia region’s rapid economic development efforts. Mr. Li believes that the project for the TCL Group itself, its layout is conducive to change in the northeast, north-free status of the LCD industry manufacturing base, while reducing customer response time and logistics radius, expansion of product coverage, improve operational efficiency.

Through the project, the largest in North China can build the whole integrated LCD module base, improve the layout of LCD industry chain in China, enhance the company’s LCD TV manufacturing advantage and accelerate the pace of industrial upgrading. Hohhot Mayor Bo said at the signing ceremony, TCL LCD TV production base in Inner Mongolia, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region building is based on “five“ planning objectives and requirements, will be put into construction in the capital of Hohhot, large-scale, high starting point, technology level in the world leading level.

After completion of the project will become a symbol in Hohhot electronics industry enterprises, and other related industries gather together to the industrial park, industrial upgrading for the Hohhot region will play a leader role. Hohhot TCL will support the development of rapid and steady development of enterprises for all kinds of services.

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