Technique Of Cleaning Diamond Jewelry
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Technique Of Cleaning Diamond Jewelry

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They say, diamonds are a girl’s best friend! However to maintain one’s best friend, one needs to keep it well. Possessing the characteristic of having the highest durability among all other substances in the world, diamonds necessitate particular awareness in order to keep them glowing and brilliantIn jewelry, diamonds are indeed the most admired valuable stones used. In this article you will be guided upon how to properly clean, store and maintain the lifetime beauty, glow and acquisitiveness of your diamond. This would save you from paying a lot of money to jewelry cleaners and allow you to learn to clean your diamond jewelry your own self. Moreover, the satisfaction of bringing the wearing or already wearied off gleam back to your diamond your own self is inexplicable.
The technique of cleaning diamonds is indeed very simple and can be used to clean any sort of diamonds in any shape; either it is a diamond necklace, diamond ring, diamond pendant or any other type of diamond jewelry.

Firstly, it is essential to understand that though diamonds are hard and durable yet they can be injured if they fall on hard surfaces or get rubbed against the exterior of another diamond. Therefore, the most convenient way to escape such damage is to take off your diamond jewelry while doing chores or showering. These activities may not necessarily harm the diamond but would discolor it and leave it dull.However, with time diamonds tend to lose their charm and appeal. Therefore to ensure a lifelong allure, clean your diamonds frequently. The primary step in cleaning diamond jewelry involves gathering all the equipments and placing them on either your dining room table or any other flat surface. Avoid working near any sink or toilet as there is a possibility of losing the diamonds in the pluming.

Spread a large towel on the table and on it place two bowls, one big and one small, filled with hot water. On a toothbrush put a small amount of toothpaste and place it aside. Now immerse your diamond jewelry in the bigger bowl filled with hot water. This would break up any muck in the jewelry.
Next, slot in your toothbrush into the same bowl and gently brush your diamond jewelry with the toothbrush. You will notice that there will is a slight gap in the gold or silver to allow light to pass through the diamond.

Make sure that you clean out all the dirt from within the gap because the more light that would pass through the gap the more the diamond will shine. Gently brush the diamond jewelry and rinse it in the large bowl until no signs of dirt or toothpaste are evident.After this, immerse your diamond jewelry in the smaller bowl of hot water and let it stay there for a minute or two to make sure that all the dirt and toothpaste wears off. Remove the jewelry from the bowl and dry it against a hand towel. You have your diamond clean, glowing and all ready.

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