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Tell You The Color of Bed Coverlets & Health

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When choosing bed coverlets, we intend to choose the color of bed coverlets according to personal preference or age. However, there is evidence that different colors may give different psychological stimulations. Different colors of bed coverlets may have different impact on health. Therefore, we should put the impact of this color on health on the first place when choosing bed coverlets. Now, let’s share some mysterious functions of different colors on our health.

Bed Coverlets of Light Yellow: Improve Appetite & Calcium Intake For the bed coverlets of the old, bed coverlets of light yellow are strongly recommended since light yellow can improve appetite, help the intake of calcium. It can also make people feel more refreshing and pleased. Besides, blue is a nice choice, too. It helps to reduce the symptoms such as headache, fever and insomnia.

Bed Coverlets of Red: For New Couples Red bed coverlets are suitable for new couples. Red can stimulate our nervous system, the secretion of adrenaline and blood circulation. While, too much red around can make people feel anxious. Hence, people who suffer from insomnia, neurasthenia or cardiovascular disease should avoid red when choosing bed coverlets.

Bed Coverlets of Light Green: Smooth Mind People who have unstable mood and easy to become angry should choose light green in order to smooth mind. Green can create an atmosphere of harmony, tranquility and peace. In contrast, golden should be avoided, for golden can bring mood swings.

Bed Coverlets of Pink: For the Lonely & Depressed Pink can make angry persons calm down, because pink can reduce the secretion of adrenaline and thus make the mood smoothing. The lonely and depressed people can try pink bed coverlets, since pink can also make us feel warmer. Pink is also the favorite of little girls.

Bed Coverlets of Indigo: Relieve Pains Indigo can affect our sense of sight, sense of hearing and sense of smell, so it can reduce the sensitivity of our body for pains. Those who have gone through big operations and are recovering can choose indigo bed coverlets to relieve feelings for pains.

Bed Coverlets of Blue: Reduce Tension Blue makes us feel cool and clean. If the owner of the room suffers from hypertension or heart diseases, try blue bed coverlets. It is good for reducing blood pressure and keeping the pulse on a normal level. In addition, blue bed coverlets are beneficial to office workers who work under high tension.

The conclusion above on the relation of colors and health is proved by long-time researches and experiments. I hope everyone is able to choose the bedding ensembles of right color for right person now.

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