The Childbirth Conspiracy Is this all there is
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The Childbirth Conspiracy Is this all there is

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I know what you’re thinking. While it is true that I have indeed, lost the plot (didn’t have it in the first place, mate), hear me out.

First off, the “official story“. We’re all told the “correct“ story of where babies come from at some point in our lives. About the “birds and the bees,“ “hose and the garden“ or the “mutilated snake and the Amazon Rainforest“. Maybe that last one was just me. In any case, we all know the story, and that’s why I won’t need to re-explain it here (sorry, Justin). Everyone has heard the official story, maybe that is why no-one questions it. For some people, it’s just easier to accept what you’re told (sorry, logic/science).
Now, Ima start dropping some truth all over the god-damned place. You will start to question your own belief system and you will contemplate your own mortality. The initial question; When you’re dreaming and you try to remember how you got there, can you ever remember? Can you retrace your steps to the start of the dream?

The answer of-course is no, you can’t. There is no other way to put it. You can’t remember the start of any dream you have ever had - even if you’ve just woken up - and that’s that.
Follow-up question; If someone came to you and claims to be your brother and has acutal proof to back himself up, but also admitting that he doesn’t know how he got to where he is, how would you react? Answer that for yourself. After you do, realize that the question above is the exact thing people experience every day. People claim to be our relatives with no proof other than some (probably forged) documents.
Now, here comes the kicker. Ask yourself this. Do you remember how you got here? 

The answer again is no, you don’t. End of story. Anyone who tells you that they remember the day they entered into this Earth is full of shit. You can’t remember the day you came to Earth. I have multiples of what some might call a “theory“ (wild-ass hunches and conspiracy theorys that I thought might make a good article).
Theory 1:
Do you remember your dreams? Some people don’t. If you do, do you remember how they started? You don’t. You always remember the end (the part right before you wake up) and the middle of the dream, but you can never recall how it started. With this in mind, consider the following conspiracy theory*.
Our world is the creation of a creature’s imagination (inside a dream). Everyone is sentient, and a few of our fat-cats have even established contact with our creator. These few conspire with the dreamer to get what they want. It is not clear what - if anything - they offer the dreamer in exchange for his services. 
They have set up a cover-up “system“ which involves the females of our species procreating and giving birth to offspring. In reality, people are simply dreamed into reality by the dreamer. This method was obviously created so that the population don’t begin to question our fat-cat overlords. After all, who would go questioning stuff if the alternative was having sex? *I needed to include the word “theory“, else they’d beat me.
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