The Importance of Educational Games
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The Importance of Educational Games

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Educational learning is taking a new dimensional approach by incorporating the concept of games. With the development of modern technology, there is an array of applications which help impart knowledge. The current environment of digital games and applied sciences into learning environment has benefited both the teaching of educators and the learning of students.The concept of Game-Based Learning (GBL) can be successfully used to achieve better methods for both learning and teaching. It basically means incorporating games in your medium of instruction. One of the prime challenges educators face is of teaching a huge group of students,all of whom are unique and have totally different personalities, wave-length of learning and capabilities. With great expectations, students get an opportunity to work on various educational games along with rewards and surprise elements which help to keep their interest in learning. Game-based learning plays a vital role in teaching by offering the opportunity for students to collaborate, communicate, interact and work in teams with each other. Strategy-based games enhance the functioning of the brain, inspire children to learn new things, develop their skills and build an emotional connect to learn the subject matter. The feature of receiving feedback immediately after playing a game gives insight on how to improve the performance in a positive way. Incorporating the educational learning objectives along with the curriculum gives a completely new form to learning. Some of the important benefits of educational games are as below: Increases Memory: Educational games mainly cater to the utilization of memory. It challenges the children by having to remember things in order to solve the game, memorize the important sequences or track narrative series. Usage Process We live in a world surrounded by technology and even children are now exposed to the same from a very young age. Children play games via the internet and get familiar with using a computer or entering a password to access the same. There are also various famous cartoon characters which are incorporated in learning games to teach nursery rhymes, letters, numbers and many more; along with also teaching the children how to generally navigate, use the keyboard and mouse effeciently. Strategic Thinking Many educations games are timed and scored accordingly and hence challenge children to strategically think quickly and use proper logic to move ahead in the game and reach higher Article Redchimpz levels of accomplishment. The educational games boost children’s ability to think out of the box, analyze quickly and manage every situation by themselves. Hand-Eye Coordination A lot of games require children to utilize the gamepad or keyboard and mouse to operate the games along with being tuned to the screen. It helps to develop hand-eye coordination, control the ongoing game and concentrate on achieving the particular task all at the same time. Skill-Building Playing various educational games help children build various skills. For example, mystery and adventure games contain details where children have to think and strategize accordingly to achieve their goal. Similarly, games like Business help to build management and finance related skills. As mentioned, there are many reasons why educational games can be beneficial for children and their development. It has to be positively embedded in modern education to give children the maximum benefit of learning. “Creativity, problem solving, critical and analytical thinking, decision making, risk taking, all found in game-based learning.” ~ Mark Grundel
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Educational games are vital to interactively achieve new goals and objectives for learning. Let game-based learning be incorporated for the betterment of children’s education and the quality of skill and knowledge they gain; along with the enhancement of the brain, concentration, motor skills, memory and creative awareness.
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