The Luxurious Patek Philippe Watch
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The Luxurious Patek Philippe Watch

Published by: Barbara Holloway (7)
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Now watch is not just a tool indicating the time but a symptom of a man. Almost all the presidents in the American history have been watch aficionados. From Kennedy to Obama, they have their favorite watch brands. In the president inauguration ball Mr. Obama revealed his Jorg gray 6500 in his wrist which was valued US$325.

Afterwards, he was followed by many crazy shoppers. The former president Ford wore his Pulsar electronic watch with hi-tech valued at US$2000. In the 2006 Basel international exhibition, Omega exhibited the Omega watch for the first time which once was Kennedy `s treasure.

It was sold at 350 thousand USD at an auction. Another gold Rolex watch which was sent to the president by Marilyn Monroe was sold at 120 thousand USD at the auction. Not only do presidents love watch, but also most of men love watch just like women love jewelry. The more, the better. Since there are limited decorations for men, suits, shirts, jeans and watches are among the limited decorations.

The most popular ads for men are watches and cars. While cars usually devalue quickly, the value of watches can be increased with time passed if the buyer has a good understanding. Among the diversified watch brand, I like Casio, because it is durable, cheap and beautifully designed, although it is not a Class A brand. However many people can recognize the brand by their fist sight.

And also Rolex is loved by men because of its long history and its luxury which stands for a successful man’ s status. It’ s practical, Dantesque style wins most men’ s hearts. Patek Philippe with its average price at 15 thousand USD lets the most of men just be admiring but can not afford it. Men love this brand. Something hardly reachable are really what men love and pursue forever.

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