The New and Improved PRINCE2 Agile
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The New and Improved PRINCE2 Agile

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For all those of you who have sworn by PRINCE2 for years now, must be wondering what could possibly be better than this. Well, the answer is here. It’s the PRINCE2 Agile. It is the latest management solution to be unveiled from the house of PRINCE2. Touted as being the next big thing in the field of data management, the P2 Agile comes armed with a whole host of formidable features, promising to make your work exponentially easier. The technology has already found a few keepers and considering the unprecedented popularity of its predecessor, expectations are naturally high with this one. While some are a little skeptical because PRINCE2 has managed to stand the test of time and continues to remain the most widely technology till date, others are curious as to what this new product can achieve. Can it outperform the PRINCE2? Will it perpetually be overshadowed by the success of its predecessor? Only time can tell. But here are a few reasons why you should watch out for the P2 Agile. Improved communication: The PRINCE2 Agile promises to deliver better communication solutions. What this means is that disbursement of data can be easier than before. Not only does this help organize your data better, but also manage it more efficiently. Seamless integration: The latest in line compliment PMBOK and APM Body of Knowledge just as P2 certification does currently. This ensures that your operations are not halted in any way due to the introduction of a new technology. Your existing data management system will lose no time in acclimatizing to the new format, as PRINCE2 Agile prides itself on hassle free incorporation. Available to PRINCE2 practitioners: Finishing your PRINCE2 Agile qualification will fetch you 15 CPD points. This paves your way towards obtaining a professional membership, maintaining your P2 certification qualification other than through re-sitting the exam. It is also available to certified P2 practitioners. The examination process tests how the two technologies interact and work with each other. The new PRINCE2 Agile is not at odds with the older version, but thoroughly compatible. Up-to-date: For everyone to thought that P2 was as good as it gets, here is something to reconsider. The latest version is completely updated with new, modern concepts of data management without overriding the existing pattern. It is an enhanced, advanced version of the older technology, replete with added features and better troubleshooting properties. Flexible: The PRINCE2 Agile is not rigid in its outlook and adopts an open approach. It implements the use of multiple perspectives instead of endorsing a narrow, one dimensional way of solving problems. It is a dynamic system which allows individuals to showcase and hone their problem solving abilities in the least time possible. The PRINCE2 Agile is above and beyond what one could have hoped for. It enhances and improves upon the features of its predecessor, taking the technology of data management to newer heights. Whether or not it will manage to outshine the P2 and completely replace it is a million dollar question which only time can answer.
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