The Next Generation King of iPhone4S
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The Next Generation King of iPhone4S

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Let’s talk iPhone, I believe that many people want to do some ridicule with the latest generation Siri voice of iPhone4S. iPhone4S, in general appearance, maintain the same style as the previous generation of iPhone4, but the machine has been made larger upgrade in terms of hardware, which uses the A5 series dual-core processor, running speed improved significantly. The latest arrival on October 15 iPhone4S Shenzhen businesses still offer up to 9980 yuan, only 2 days, October 17 the lock-free version of iPhone4S in Australia plunged to 7580 yuan on the latest! Here we focus on it together. iPhone 4S has the same size with iPhone 4 (115.2 × 58.6 × 9.3 mm), it did not change the basic front appearance, also can be chosen between black and white colors. iPhone 4S still uses glass panels, stainless steel frame, and the 3.5-inch screen. In Configuration, iPhone4S use the Apple A5 series dual-core processor the same as iPad2, A5 used the mainstream of the Cortex-A9 architecture, 45nm process, clocked at 1GHz.

camera upgrades from 5-megapixel to 800 million pixels, providing a maximum resolution of 3264x2448 pictures, photo capabilities has been greatly improved than the original iPhone4. the biggest difference between iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 lies in the iPhone 4S re-designed mobile phone antenna position, in the top position, fuselage design has a signal cracks. Changes antenna location from the top of the mute switch to one side, this design effectively solves the shortcomings of the poor signal of iPhone The bottom interface of iPhone4S the front camera of iPhone 4S in the network can support dual GSM and CDMA networks(cheap iPhone 4 accessories),and also support WCDMA and CDMA two different 3G standard, to better meet the travel needs of business people. Of course, the biggest highlight of the new machine is using a new IOS 5 system, which joined Apple’s newly developed “voice assistant Siri“, identify the language according to context, to achieve human-computer dialogue. Comments: the iPhone 4S that Apple launched this time(iPhone 4 accessories cases), did not focus on appearance, but also configured to dual-core CPU and only 8 megapixel upgrade. But the highlight of the iPhone 4S configuration is not gorgeous(cool iPhone 4 accessories), but iOS5 and voice assistant Siri, it will once again change the world, so make the phone into the real world. New aircraft is currently listing large price fluctuations, if you like it, you should wait a few days.

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