The power of being an upright person
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The power of being an upright person

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You can be an upright person physically and psychologically/spiritually. One affects the other.

Physically Upright

An upright body posture improves your state, your mood, your presence and authority. If you have the habit of slumping or being unconscious in your physical movements you can gain a little extra power by correcting your posture here and there.

Depending on your days purpose, you can also take in various deliberate poses. Stretching your arms to the sky, for example, creates an immediate openness for energy. Your mind acts according to your body movements. Having more control over your space will create that feeling in the mind. Tensing the muscles or crossing your arms tends to heighten concentration. Smiling deliberately tends to increase joy. Using gesture consciously tends to make it easier to persuade someone. The basis of conscious and deliberate movement is Uprightness.

Being upright indicates that you are conscious and aware of what is happening around you. You are on alert. Uprightness is not very useful when you are sitting at home watching a movie, but it is useful when you have an important meeting. Uprightness is a matter of straightening your spine. It only takes a second of awareness. So that Uprightness does not become Uptightness it is best alternated with phases of relaxing your posture and mood.

Psychologically and Spiritually Upright

Psychological Uprightness is your ability to remain poised and loyal to your hearts path even in challenging and difficult situations. How easy would it be to distract you from a path you have chosen? Do you sway with the winds of change or do you keep firm in your values and principles? Are you easily swayed by fear and desire? Can you stick to your goal even if people say you should give up? Psychological Uprightness is resilience.

To be spiritually upright means to “have spine“, to have integrity. When you “have spine“ it means that you dont cave in at the slightest temptation, the slightest challenge, the slightest interruption. If I offer you $5000 to betray your best friend so that this friend would never find out and you refuse it out of a sense of integrity, its because you “have spine“.

On a soul-level nothing is hidden so even if you manage to hide things in the physical, you can’t really ever hide something. Thats why being of upright character and integrity is incredibly empowering. A lot of people who are looking for “magic“ to fix things for them would be better served cultivating integrity and to thereby become integrated-beings. “To be integrated“ means to act as a part of the whole, in respect toward the society one lives in.

So that your spoken word gains authority and power, reduce lying, chatter, gossip. If you tell a lie this hurts you more than it hurts another. Why? Because you are teaching your body/mind/subconscious that your word is of no consequence or reality. Hence, next time you want to use your word to create a reality, your affirmation will have no effect. Afterall, you have taught yourself that what you say is not true. If however you have conditioned your body/mind to believe that your word is true, then what you say will more easily come true.

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