The purpose of the car adapter to prevent the damage
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The purpose of the car adapter to prevent the damage

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It is fashion to own small devices in high technology nowadays. The iPad, Tablet, and other things are the must-have items for people. And now, car is the most common thing for home. At the same time, some issues about this have been brought out. For example, the problem about the car adapter is hot because it has the potential to lead damage. How to prevent the damage is in detail study. Here we can see some theory about the solution.

PPTC devices protection is the most common way nowadays. It works in the way to provide the over-current protection to the items in the car. At the same time, it can be used as the end of the system to connect the battery, so that it can protect the situation of using unmatched battery and blocked battery.

However, the selection of the PPTC device is complex. So, when you select the PPTC element, we must consider the maximum load current which may be passed, the maximum ambient temperature, and to prevent damage to other components required for the maximum operating time. Based on these parameters, you can select pins or surface mount type of self-recovery devices. Only if you select the right PPTC device to prevent the damage, the car adapter in the car can bring more comfortable use for all you users.

PPTC circuit protection devices are in a wide range of applications which demonstrate superior performance, and have UL, CSA and TV safety certification. PPTC for the device provides a reliable, resettable protection, effectively reducing a huge amount of warranty repair, greatly improving customer satisfaction. It is really useful and necessary design for people.
BELKIN Products Division Wu Hung manager said, “BELKIN has been committed to energy saving design. This listing is a smart power adapter BELKIN Conserve series launched the first product in China, and it has a very important strategic significance, and we will end-user point of view. We will make for home energy management more user-friendly energy-saving programs and technical support, promote energy efficient and more responsible way of life, for easy saving and consumers together, to share life’s purpose.” This is the purpose of the company. They are making efforts to make the car adapter safer.

BELKIN is a leading global IT application development and designing company, which has been working to improve the use of limited resources and energy efficiency continues to create higher added value, while for the public to respond effectively to complex environmental issues and actively contribute. In the National Energy Conservation Week, BELKIN household saving as a leading business representatives, it is invited to participate in the same period at the 2011 Shanghai International Exhibition of energy saving to the public display of the theme of “easy energy saving, sharing life” Conserve series solution programs and energy-saving products.

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This is the purpose of the company. They are making efforts to make the car adapter safer.

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