The Simple Happiness at Everywhere
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The Simple Happiness at Everywhere

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It doesn’t needs too many words to explain the affection of family. Even if you glaze your parents, your parents have known what you want. We call it love. This love is nature and selfishness.

The love doesn’t needs too gorgeous, because the beautiful love has its end. Actually, the normal life is the best weapon to experience the love. If this love could exist a long time, this time must to be a beautiful part of life.

The friendship doesn’t need too much console. Your friends could help you when you are in trouble without any payback. We cannot forget this emotion in our whole life.

Everyone has their own life experiences. The god has arranged you to play the role when you born before. What is happiness? Actually, the happiness is around us. The simple and normal day is the best happiness. We are ordinary people now. But maybe you are not willing to be an ordinary people. You want to be rich and get what you want. When you get all of things, you finally found you have lost a lot at the same time. Facing the same things in our life, everyone may complain it. But when we think about carefully, we will found these are the happiness in the life.

When we married with the man who we love, sometimes we will say some crude words to hurt each other. At this time, we just see the shortcoming of the people, the merits are neglected. When the time is boring, we always remember the merits of each other. Life like this, when we lost we can finally found how cherish it is.

Happiness is like a nice flower, it always show us the best time. The flowers could share the beautiful to the people, why we cannot share our happiness to the others. No matter the family, love and friends, we know that are the biggest wealth in the life. How can we realize the love, if we have neither family to support us nor friends to help us?

Happiness is so simple, if you have a kind-hearted, you will feel it.

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