The Trial Run of the Vertical Mill
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The Trial Run of the Vertical Mill

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The vertical mill is important equipment used to grind the material once again after the material has been broken. It is used to grind and scatter the hard and crude particles or the material which has the phenomenon of false condensed. Grinded by the vertical mill , the material particle is fine and even in size. The vertical mill can also mix several kinds of materials evenly. It is widely used for grinding and scattering coating, paint, rubber, grinding, ceramics, mine, mineral, coal powder, metal powder, hard alloy and magnetic material.

After the vertical mill has been installed successfully, it can be taken a trial run without a load. The trial run should be operated under the safety regulation by a skilled operator.

I The consecutive running time without a load should not be less than 12-24 hours. Any problems found during the running process should be solved immediately.

II If it is safe in the trial run without a load, the vertical roller mill can be taken a trial run with a load. The run with a load should be taken by stages. When the vertical mill is run with a load, it should be feed according to the practical working condition so as to avoid any unnecessary abrasion and damage on the steel ball and the liner on the body.

First, load it with appropriate material and one third of steel balls and make a trial run for 12-24 hours.

Second, load it with two thirds of steel balls and run for 24-48 hours.
Third, according to the discharging condition and the amount of the qualified product, you can determine the vertical mill’s rational ball loading volume by referring to the real ball loading volume of the vertical mill in the same kind of plant or mine. The trial time can’t be less than 72 hours.

III The increase of the loading and the length of the running time in the above condition should be determined according to the condition of the bull gear, the small gear and the reducer, such as the temperature increase, noise and the tooth surface contact. If the accuracy of the tooth surface contact doesn’t meet the design requirement, the ball mill can’t be run with full load.

IV When it is taken a trial run, the cooling and the lubrication system should be normal. The temperature of the main bearing, the drive bearing and the reducer should also be normal.

V After the vertical mill is taken trial run for 24-48 hours by being loaded with two thirds of balls, all the bolts should be checked and screwed up again.

VI Every kind of record should be put down carefully during the trial run process.

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