The Yorkville U215 Unity Speaker
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The Yorkville U215 Unity Speaker

Published by: Mahafujur Rahman (3)
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Yorkville U215 unity speaker is engineered for that serious professional person who loves audio. The U215 is probably the most sophisticated, most versatile and many efficient higher powered moveable P.A. box available for sale today. The U215 is really a radical loudspeaker cupboard design making use of the patented unity(tm) summation aperture horn technologies. This had been invented through speaker designer Tom Danley and licensed in the “sound-physics-labs-Inc.”

The mixture of the conical, continuous directivity horn, two 15“ brand new and fresh technology neodymium woofers as well as our unending focus on details, as a result of the perfect trapezoidal formed cabinet offers yielded an incredibly versatile item. Unity(tm) of the U215’s horn combines just one inch throat (1.75“ diaphragm) data compression driver along with the three 5 inch ceramic magnetic midrange drivers for a passing fancy highly effective conical horn. This brings together high as well as mid frequencies car owner components in one 60 by 60 conical horn which produces frequencies through 300Hz to the 20 kHz. Added to any or all this can be a pair associated with new technologies, ultra light-weight Neodymium 15 inch woofers to accomplish the bundle.

The extremely efficient Yorkville U215 unity speaker is the trapezoidal formed, 1600 watt cabinet having a carefully selected crossover indicate seamlessly complement the directivity characteristics from the conical horn towards the neodymium woofer. With this type of compact impact and pounds, the U215 very easily finds its home like a FOH loudspeaker, drum keep track of, side fill up, and entrance or lower fill or almost any situation the place where a professional high quality sound encouragement system is needed.

The Yorkville U215 unity speaker can end up being easily bi-amplified using a switch about the rear jack port plate, or combined with any top notch series bass speaker or subwoofer for prolonged low rate of recurrence support. The actual UP215 unity(tm) processor, designed particularly to enhance the sonic characteristics from the U215 has additionally been developed to make sure trouble free of charge, “plug-and-play“ complete range or even Bi-amp procedure with or with no subwoofer.

The MTM meaning mid-top-mid cabinet style was chosen since the ideal vessel for those U215 drivers to become mounted within. An MTM style is ideal since it makes probably the most proficient use from this unity(tm) conical horn. This can enables for much better imaging as well as balanced summation in between horn as well as subwoofers. The trapezoidal impact is identical towards the U15 letting them be assistant together in a number of ways exactly where a non-traditional cabinet array is needed. It achieves this whilst still maintaining the perfect array position to greatest couple several cabinets. The light-weight neodymium drivers help with keeping the U215 complete weight below 100lbs, virtually uncommon for the 1600 watt and 2x15“ cabinet. Compare that towards the 1500 watt and E2152 from 167lbs which is easily the actual lightest within its course.

Integrated travel points indicates the Yorkville U215 unity speaker cabinet could be easily utilized in many programs, as a part of an set up system, or since the center-point of the touring or even club rig. The trapezoidal form was fashioned with multi-box, tight load up arraying in your mind.

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Yorkville U215 Unity Speaker




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