Tips on using a Moby Wrap Baby Carrier
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Tips on using a Moby Wrap Baby Carrier

Published by: Rob Mackley (4)
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The Moby Wrap is an ideal first sling for a newborn as it continues the ‘womb experience’ - holding baby close to your body, it is easy to put on (with practice!) and you can pop baby in and out as needed.  The Moby Wrap comes in various materials and patterns, such as the Moby D Thai Silk, Moby D Woven Cotton Chocolate etc.

The following tips are a response to frequently asked questions to me as a trained carrier advisor and may help you and your baby to get more out of baby wearing.    

  1. When tying your Moby Wrap ensure that you tie it tight and high against your body. The weight of your baby will create the space for it to fit in. 
  2. Stretch out the fabric as much as possible across your back.  This will distribute the weight over your whole back and make it as comfortable as possible.
  3. Pull the middle band of fabric up over the head of your baby, then roll it down to the baby’s neck with either a flannel or a muslin tucked in. This will provide some support for their neck.
  4. When tying the knot in your Moby Wrap put the knot to one side so that you have access to your trousers!
  5. Keep your Moby Wrap on for the day. That way you can pop baby in and out as needed without having to put it on each time.
  6. There is no time limit for how long your baby can be in the wrap. As long as you are both happy, then keep them in it!
  7. If your baby doesn’t appear to like being in the wrap at first, walk around. They love being close to you for your warmth, smell, listening to your heartbeat and your movement. So have a wander around and see how they like it then!
  8. It is not recommended that you have your baby sitting out in any carrier. It does not create the best seating position for them. There is no support for their head it they fall asleep and they can get bombarded with what is coming at them from the world, with nowhere to shelter! An alternative to this is the hip carry. To do this you put the Moby Wrap on the same way as you have done for other holds. But you then move the cross to the side, where you want your baby to be seated.  Sit them in the fabric so that goes from knee pit to knee pit and then stretch it out over their body so that both pieces go from knee pit to knee pit. You can then bring the baby carrier front panel up for extra support.

If you would more advice drop me an email. Details can be found in the Moby Wrap section of our website.

Rob Mackley - About the Author:

Wendy Sheard has been involved in the baby products industry for many years. Having previously raised her own children whilst a primary school teacher, Wendy is very experienced in many areas of baby/child care but now specialises in baby wraps and baby carriers such as the Moby Wrap and Hoppediz.


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