Tips To Keep Your Awnings Look And Feel Brand New
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Tips To Keep Your Awnings Look And Feel Brand New

Published by: Stewart Graham (11)
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IShade Awnings & Shade Systems are an investment in your home, and it provides a beautiful look and style for your home. So it’s always good to keep them looking brand new. But after hours of exposure to the sun and other elements, what are the best ways to keep an awning in good shape? Generally speaking, routine maintenance usually involves a comprehensive once-a-year cleaning to maintain the awnings in their best condition. Continue reading to know how to keep your awnings look and feel brand new even after many years of use. Opening the Awning The gear is to be turned in one direction using the supplied crank holder to extend the awnings or lower shades. Turn to retract in the opposite direction. When operating, the crank lever should be held in the same angle as the eyelet. When fully extended, the lateral arms are flexed, but locked, at the elbow. This is perfectly normal. It should not be straightened out entirely. Trying to do so may damage the iShade Awnings & Shade Systems. Be careful not to roll the fabric out past the gear stops when you open your awning, where the elbows lockout and the fabric begin to sag. When this happens, roll back the awning until the fabric gets tight again. Awning retraction The retractable awnings in Perth are intended only as sun protection. Do not use it in strong wind, rain, hail or snow conditions. In wind speeds of 20 mph or higher, it is recommended that patio awnings should remain retracted. Do not allow twigs or leaves to be rolled up in the awning, or any other solid debris. Do not jam the front bar straight against the rolled fabric when retracting. The fabric should always roll away from the top of the roller tube, and never from below. Framework It’s a good idea to hose the frame off and wipe the awnings in Perth with a soft cloth at the beginning of every season. To ensure smooth and quiet operation, lubricate the moving parts annually with a dry silicone spray lubricant. If you experience unusual cracking during service, seek lubrication before calling your dealer. At the end of the roller tube, at the side opposite to the engine or gear, is the most prevalent place where an awning needs lubrication. At this stage, a bit of lubricant on the axle/bushing prevents all squeaking noises virtually. Be sure to keep the spray off the fabric. Storage Retract the canopy or awning for winter. If your awning has a hanging frill, eradicate it from the front end by sliding it out. Then keep it in a dry area well ventilated, where squirrels or mice won’t bother it. Do not store it in a plastic bag, as it traps moisture and can develop mildew.
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