Tips To Maintain Your Commercial Ice Machine
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Tips To Maintain Your Commercial Ice Machine

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When was the last time you cleaned your commercial ice machine? From luxurious models to the basic one, all ice machines need regular maintenance and care to increase their lifespan. Without proper maintenance, commercial ice machine will suffer all sorts of preventable maladies. Fortunately, many problems are preventable, and with a little care and work, you can keep your ice machine in good shape. Regularly clean the machine Though it may sound odd that they need frequent cleaning as they turn water in pounds of frozen cubes daily, just like any appliance dealing with food items unsanitary condition promote germ growth that causes health risks. Regardless of the model, flush your ice machine innards with the stuff and a good water rinse will guard against biological contamination. However, if you have refrigerators with built-in ice makers and water dispensers, you don’t have to clean them regularly. But still, it is a good idea to rinse them thoroughly once in a month. Wipe down or wash all interior and exterior surfaces with mild soap and warm water. This will help keep your ice machine looking great, and prevent the built of dirt and debris. To clean the exterior part of the slurry ice machine, you’ll need a damp cloth. To remove dried spills, a touch of soap and warm water does wonders. Change the filter You cannot make quality ice from dirty water. Modern ice machine for sale has a water filtration system. They pass water through an activated filter that removes tap water impurities. For examples, chlorine can affect the taste and smell of your water and ice. Even many standalone ice makers rely on filters. While some improve water flavour and odour, others can sort out volatile organic compounds. Most of the commercial ice machines have bacteriostatic effects that halt bacteria production. Always ensure when it is time to change the filter by checking the manual. It may be as frequently as 3 or 6 months or every year, and it depends on the model. Deal with clogs Refrigerator ice machines are prone to clogs. Over time, ice dispenser tends to jam. Remove the ice bin and any stuck cubes and use a warm, damp cloth to clean the bottom of the bin and ice chute. Dry all the parts and replace the bin. Old models need extra help to remove the clogs. Check the ice chute for blockage, and if it not the problem, cubes in the bin may have fused together. Empty the ice bin every week to prevent this from happening.
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