Tools for Better AS 9100 C Compliance
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Tools for Better AS 9100 C Compliance

Published by: Lucas Arnold (15)
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Anyone working within the Aviation or Aerospace industries has heard of the importance of meeting AS 9100 C Compliance standards. This higher standard of quality control requires many manufacturers to completely overhaul their existing methods of identification and production tracking for a more uniform and finely-tuned system of data capture and analysis. This is because these specifications are very challenging and require a company to embrace the concept of total quality management.

There are articles available everyone on the internet concerning the basics of compliance. However, there are less articles that feature helpful solutions and recommendations for ways to make meeting compliance standards easier, more affordable, and highly effective.

Today, there is a very useful tool available to help companies get a better handle on AS 9100 compliance. Blue Dog Tracker is the portable and affordable device that makes it easier than ever to capture production data, as well as record storage details and maintenance long-term. This small device can be carried throughout a manufacturing facility for use as a portable collection terminal. It’s fully capable of capturing the information stored within product identification labels and marks and also possesses the ability to record handwritten notes, typed text, and other images for a well-rounded addition to the standard AS9100 arsenal.

Imagine how accurate production and maintenance records become when human errors are greatly reduced. By implementing the use of such a portable device, you can accomplish this painlessly and with great efficiency. Now, instead of designating a person to enter data into a computer database by hand, your staff can quickly capture the details automatically. When they’re done collecting data, they only have to connect the Blue Dog Tracker to a computer for complete uploading of information.

Make your manufacturing processes even smarter with the enhanced data collection that’s possible with Blue Dog Tracker. You’re managers will be faster and more productive when analyzing plant performance and even pinpointing potential problems. Blue Dog Tracker is an affordable and sensible solution for any company striving to meet or exceed AS9100 C guidelines.

For more information on compliance or the Blue Dog Tracker portable device, visit us online at bluedogtracker. Here, you’ll find a full explanation of this product’s specifications and potential applications. ID Integration, Inc. provides a wide range of integration expertise and solutions for companies working to meet challenging requirements. From MIL SPEC applications to AS9100 compliance, contact us to receive help on implementing a customized solution by seasoned experts.

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Blue Dog Tracker System is a data collection solution for collecting data remotely with a portable bar code terminal. For more information on AS9100, AS9100 C and AS9100 training or the innovative Blue Dog Tracker solution, please visit Jet City Laser, Inc. online at

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