Using Shortcuts with Clipping Graphics Successfully
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Using Shortcuts with Clipping Graphics Successfully

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Some designers get more work. The main reason is that they take less time. When urgent demands come up the need to take short cuts without compromising on the quality is essential. That is why some photo imaging companies are in business for long. The artists working there have knowledge of bankable solutions.

A graphic editor relies on his skills and his company relies on him to produce great work to satisfy customers. A formal training helps in honing the talent of the designer. Once the techniques are mastered then the creativity can be unleashed. Then the graphics produced are helpful in all kinds of presentation. There are many kinds of clipping paths that can be sketched with the use of shortcut keys.

With key shortcuts one is able to perform better. This also ensures that the work moves on smoothly. Clipping graphics can be used amicably with the use of shortcuts. Sometimes when instead of Photoshop, an artist uses Adobe Illustrator; there can be some adjustments to be done. To reduce the time element the following keyboard shortcuts are helpful.  Since the tool menu is used and is quite similar to that of Photoshop try these easy optional keys. With practice one can remember the shortcuts.


  • To select a path with the back arrow-V
  • Direct white arrow for select clipping path-A
  • Double click on Magic Wand-Y
  • For the freewheeling lasso and gradient selection-Q
  • Pen tool-P While using the direct selection (A), then use (P), other options can be accessed by pressing ctrl+ cmd key.
  • Type -T
  • Ellipse -E
  • Paintbrush-B
  • Pencil-N
  • Rotate -R
  • Reflect –O
  • Column graph-J
  • Mesh-U
  • Eyedropper-I

Indesign is another solution that helps with shortcuts. It also has many advanced clipping graphics features. It has a zoom shortcut that can be a convenient option. It can be used by designers working on Mac and windows. The short cut on Mac for Zoom is by holding down Cmd+Spacebar or  for Windows it is Ctrl+Space to zoom in or the Cmd+Opt+Space (Mac) or Ctrl+Alt+Space (Windows) when using any other tool.

With the combination of clipping graphics a designer enables other tools also. For example if a presentation requires visuals and graphic effects, the designer can do manipulation also. To have a special appearance choice of graphics is unlimited. The text can be combined with the image. This is done to make the headline more appealing. An image is added to the text. With the help of animation an expression can also be created. This obviously enhances the quality of presentation and conveys exactly what the client needs. If some old photos still need to be used in a presentation they have to be matched with the tone of the new images. With the help of color correction it is possible. There are various short cuts that can be accessed via the keyboard to utilize all the Photoshop tools.  

Several post processing companies use shortcuts with clipping graphics successfully without compromising on the quality.

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