Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra Astrology for Male Female
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Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra Astrology for Male Female

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The Uttara Phalguni is the 12th nakshatra of Hindu astrology and derives its divine force from the governing deity Aryaman. It exists in pair along with its stellar counterpart Purva Phalguni Nakshatra and is ruled by the planetary force of Sun. This nakshatra spreads from the zodiac of Leo to Virgo. This nakshatra is symbolised by ’bed’ and one of its most important characteristics is to seek truth through knowledge and action. Another important attribute it has is the prosperity by way of marital union. Its other general characteristics are that it aims to attain truth and liberation from all the bondages of worldly existence. This nakshatra also shares common characteristics with Purva Phalguni Nakshatra in account of its similar existence, but usually has more positive attributes. Individuals who are born under the influence of this nakshatras are usually considered to be benevolent, generous and patrons. They have very attractive and striking features and they respect others. They are obedient, knowledgeable and have royal attributes in their personality. They are very kind hearted and sincere human beings who do not indulge in the art of deception. Some of their other significant characteristics are that they are helpful, kind hearted, charitable and pleasant mannerisms. They are also very religious and display supreme faith in god. They are also one of the most honest and truthful people you will find. Their life is very stable and they are quite rational. They are supremely knowledgeable and use their talent in the fields of science and arts. They do not immediately jump to conclusions but show a very rational and matured attitude. They rely a lot on their wisdom and knowledge. Everybody likes them for their generosity and kind hearted nature. They are always very good to others and as a result people are also very good to them. One will usually find these people staying away from disputes and troubles. They are very peaceful and generous people. They do not immediately jump to conclusions but take time to reach their decisions and most of their decisions are based on rational choices. They will try their best to encourage people to reach for a mutual settlement rather than prolonging their dispute. They are very judicious when it comes to spending their resources and most of it is spent on humanitarian purposes. They have a big heart and they like to give, but only to those who are genuinely needy. They believe more in actions than in words. They are not idle day dreamers but people who go out and make things happen with their hard work. They have a strong ability to convince people and are quite popular among people. People like and admire them for their honesty, truthfulness and sincerity. They usually have a lot of positive qualities in them because of which they become very popular among people. They have an intrinsic greatness to hear and heart and some of their strongest positive traits are their determination, conviction, esteem and knowledge. They are also very practical and have a passion for the subtleties of life such as decoration, music, arts and knowledge of weapons. There cannot be only positive attributes in any individual, but also some negative attributes. Due to the influence of Venus they might tend to have extra marital affairs in their life and this is one of the few negative traits that they have. Some other negative traits that they have are that they are over obsessed with cleanliness and at times are also a bit arrogant. They can also be very inconsiderate and disdainful at times. Some of the interesting career choices for the individuals of this nakshatra depending upon their traits and qualities are, scientific research, astronomy, media and sales. They can also do very well in careers that relate to philanthropy, acting and writing. Since this nakshatra also belongs to the warrior class of the Kshatriyas, the individuals who belong to it also shows promises and prospects in careers related to armed forces and military. They have the nature trait of valour and power. They are good care takers and protectors. They think a lot about others and their well-being and are always there to help and support people. In terms of compatibility, the natives of this nakshatra, especially the ones who are symbolized by the ox are mostly compatible with the natives of Uttaravadrapada who are symbolized by a female cow, and also with the natives of Anuradha and Jyestha Nakshatra, Vishaka and Chitra Nakshatra. They are not compatible with the natives of Purvavadrapada Nakshatra due to the rules involving mutual obstruction or ’Veda Phalguni’. The natives of this nakshatra will have a more or less good family life. They will be happy with what they have in their family. Their health will also be good and they will not have any serious health problems except some minor problems like body ache, dental problems, gastric trouble, liver and intestine problems. Male Natives – The male natives of this nakshatra will usually be tall and fat with a large countenance and a long nose. They might also have a black mole in the right side of his neck. They are very happy go lucky people with a neat behaviour and shows extreme sincerity in all his works. He is also religious and enjoys good reputation in his social circles. He is not short tempered and has a good heart. He has plenty of patience and tolerance to get through difficult situations in life. However when he gets angry or upset it becomes very difficult to calm him down. Female Natives – The female natives also have very good and attractive feature. They will have medium height, soft body, medium complexion and a little big nose. Some of them will also have a black mole on their face. They usually have a calm and simple nature and do not keep grudges for too long. She is very principled and always very joyful. She enjoys a very good family life with her husband and children and is also a very good home maker. She is a balanced person with good work and life balance.
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