We Can Have a Nice Environment To Invite The Swallow Back
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We Can Have a Nice Environment To Invite The Swallow Back

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In the village, the swallows are regarded as the supernatural birds. People hope that the swallow could bring the luck. The family could get good things if the swallows fly into their central room first.

There is a big swallow nest on my roof. My father afraid of that the nest was not very solid, so he used a plank to support the nest. The windows have to open, so that the swallows could fly through them. The swallow nest is the most beautiful, strongest among the birds nest. When the spring is coming, they are busy to hold the clay or the straw in their mouth. And then they make the nest like am oval. I think that is an art in the world.

We get the happiness from the nest. Every morning, the swallows has sing in their nest. The morning is the best time to them in a day. At the beginning, they have to look for the food outside. Sometimes, they often check the nest whether it is good or not. When they have their children, mother always stay at home to protect children, and father search food to feed children. The children expose their head and wait for their father. When they grow up, their parents have to teach them how to fly, how to forge; how to fight for the rain day. The first day is always terrible. I have saw that the swallow babies fallen down from the nest. My father sent them to the nest. But the second day, the fallen down again. I think maybe that is the process they have to experience.

With the development and changing of the society, people become alone more and more. They greedy for the delicious venison and twist their natural heart. The estrangement between people and swallow become deeply more and more. The human being and the nature are separated by the tall building and closed windows. When I see the nest in the city, I was so surprised. The nest gives me the best memory in my childhood. I hope we can have a nice environment to invite the swallow back again.

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