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Website Building and Website Development

Published by: Alice mark (16)
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There are many free websites hosting services at the net. Some are in the market almost from the beginning of the Internet. Search engines like Google also provide free website hosting services. However, service quality of all the free website hosting is not equal. Have to make sure that the free website hosting service which is going to use is holding a reputable position in the Internet and their site is ranked better in the search engines. There are two kinds of hosting services. Paid hosting services and free hosting services. A free web hosting company up loads the website to their server without charging any money. Generally, free web hosting companies do not charge to upload websites at their server, rather encourage and advertise their free service.

ZiteCode offers an easy, fast and very affordable solution to Build websites through our advanced editor while providing all users the tools to Optimize and Broadcast their website through our social networking community. Sharing ideas, inviting friends, creating networks and utilizing our link exchange feature amongst fellow website owners and companies will help provide traffic a website needs. The ZiteCode Team is working hard to deliver an alternative and easy way to not only Build a professional website, but Optimize all the page for increased search engine ranking through Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. Tools are provided to Broadcast your website through a variety of applications through Facebook, Twitter (and others), email blasts and pinging search engines. Our much anticipated social networking platform finally provides a forum for website owners to communicate openly, build relationships and easily complete link exchanges. ZiteCode eliminates the need to build your website from one source, pay additional monies to properly and fully optimize your website on another and yet pay others to help make inroads on other social networks. Zitecode will be launching its’ Beta site at the end of 2011 and advances the free website concept by providing tools and applications optimizing a free website and broadcasting it to social networks with ease.  There are many companies that offer to make a free website. However, Zitecode puts a different twist on it by adding important features helping to increase website traffic.

“What is a website for free without traffic?”, CTO and founder Mike Sajid asked. “We want our members to have the ability to make a free website and provide tools to optimize their free website, increasing search engine ranking and acquiring more traffic. Once our members make a website, there is no need to search endlessly for other websites and try to optimize or broadcast their site.”
A robust social network created just for website owners will undoubtedly add to ZiteCode’s concept. Website owners will have a forum to exchange ideas, links, help each other grow and build the best website possible.

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