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What are the best PDUs you looking for

Published by: John Adam (36)
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When it comes to determining the best career for yourself, it’s obvious to go through a lot of hassle. However, you need to understand that you can always make things work for you if you do some research and learn about latest trends prevailing in the job market. That’s when you will find that you have to think about complete a project management certificate to enjoy a better salary.

Here, it is crucial to mention that many people come with the question as what PDU is all about. PDU stands for professional development unit, it is compulsory for maintaining project management institute credits. PDU is a type of certification which is given to the project management engineer. It is an ongoing education course which is specially designed for enhancing the skills of the engineers and for upgrading their education in the selected field. The pdu is a credit credential which is given to the student for attending the relevant project management class and completing each project he/she has been assigned for.

What process is involved in PDU?

The students are required to collect a certain number and type of professional development units in order to maintain a PMI credential. The old system was that the student was required to start the PDU work after the completion of the exams like in the following year after completing exams. But nowadays, you can start working on PDU immediately after the day you have passed your last exam for gaining certification. It is a process of three years; the student is required to collect the particular pdus for attaining the certification.

How many PDUs to collect?

Well the number of PDUs, the holder is required to collect be solely dependant on the certification type. For gaining PMP (project management professional), you need to have 60 PDUs. PgMP (program management professional) needs 60 PDUS. Well PMI-SP and PMI-RMP requires 30 PDUs each. CAPM (certified associate project manager) does not require holding any PDU, but you need to update the CAPM by retaking the examination of it after 5 years.

If the candidate collects more than 20 PDUs in 3 years time, then it would be transferred to the next year cycle. But if you fail to collect even a single PDU in three years time, then the students credential period will expire. And the later consequences would be that the student would be suspended from PMI credentials, and during this time, then you won’t be allowed to refer yourself as a holder of credential until the passage of one year after the end of three years time.

If you have failed to complete the number of pdus in given time or you do not collect even a single one, then you would have to retake the exam and you can imagine that how much expensive and time consuming it would be to start the work again from scratch. So, first educate yourself about the whole thing before you finally think of taking this particular exam, particularly know about what are pdus.

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