What Are the Reasons of Crystallization and Foaming in Honey
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What Are the Reasons of Crystallization and Foaming in Honey

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In daily life, people often find that the honey has crystallization phenomenon and even foaming after a period of time. Many people may doubt that it is the problem of poor quality and deterioration. Here, I will tell you the exact reasons.Crystallized honey is a common problem people come across.

With the prolonged time and temperature changes, honey often transfer from liquid state to crystalline state and its color fades gradually. Many people often think it is caused by the added white sugar. Honey contains a variety of nutrients such as glucose and fructose supersaturated solution, among which glucose has easy crystallization characteristics. At a lower temperature, glucose will gradually crystallized after being placed for some time. The crystallization rate is related with its glucose crystallization, temperature, moisture and nectar source.

The speed of honey crystallization is also affected by the temperature, and it is easiest to crystallize at 13 to 14 ℃. If the temperature is lower, the viscosity will increase and lead to the slow crystallization; if it is higher, the solubility speed of sugar increases and the solution saturation are reduced.

All crystallized honey contains low water content, so they are suitable for long time storage. The immature honey which contains more water could not form crystallization totally because of the decreased supersaturation degree. The nutrition ingredients of the half-crystallized honey do not change, but the non-crystallized honey contains more water. It is not suitable for long-term storage and it should be eaten timely.

The foaming of honey is also a signal to judge if the honey is natural and pure or not. There are four to seven kinds of proteins in honey, which exist in the form of colloidal materials. The content in light-color honey is 0.2% and it is 1% in deep-color honey. It has a certain impact on the color and turbidity and promotes the foaming of honey. The unprocessed honey of high degree has strong antibacterial ability. Under the function of glucose oxidase, the glucose produces the antibacterial material hydrogen peroxide, which could decompose oxygen under the high temperature.From the above, we can see that the crystallization and foaming are normal phenomenon of honey. We could eat honey safely without other consideration.

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