What Can You Do for a Hens Party?
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What Can You Do for a Hens Party?

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When you or a friend of yours decides to throw a hens party, you might be excited for what’s to come. Some people truly enjoy being able to spend the day and night with a group of girls, celebrating one of the most memorable nights of the bride-to-be’s life. In some cases, people enjoy being able to go all out, making one final statement of carefree fun. When it comes down to choosing what you will do, you might be at a loss. After all, there are countless activities that you can do but only so little time in the day to do them. As you begin to search for hens night ideas, there are a few unique things you can do to make your hens night an event that you will never forget. What Types of Activities Are There? Part of what makes a hens party so enjoyable is being able to enjoy some carefree adult activities without having to worry about anything or anyone else in the process. From playing an adult version of “pin the tail on the male” to chasing down your friends with pecker water shooters, there are countless hens party ideas for you to choose from. For example, some women might enjoy being able to have a pecker pinata that they can burst open. Other women might opt for a slightly tamer night of party dares and scavenger hunts. For women who would rather spend the night chatting away, there are a variety of activities in addition to these, such as truth or dares, party charades, and a party mugshots game. There are several adult versions of being able to pin something on a male, from “stick a dick” hunk games to pinning the hose on the fireman game. Continuing down the line of more adult-themed activities and entertainment, you could look into enjoying a variety of games. Some women might enjoy a fun match of pecker ring toss or a more competitive version of dick head hoopla. You might enjoy adorning your home with decorations commemorating your hens party, such as big willy foil balloons or other forms of inflatables. Your choices are endless when it comes to the range of bridal shower games that you can choose from for your hens party. How Can These Help Your Hens Party? A hens party is something that should be remembered as a night that you can enjoy with your friends, celebrating and being carefree. Nobody particularly enjoys having stiff, formal dinner parties, especially not for celebrations. Being able to enjoy your hens night unlike any other night is key in creating the most memorable night possible. Even after years have passed since the night of your hen party, you and your friends will be able to laugh and talk about your hens night for years to come when you plan out activities such as this. There’s a good chance that your hens night will be an unforgettable night among you and your friends.
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