What Causes Tooth Pain?
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What Causes Tooth Pain?

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Toothache is the worst, and no one wants to experience it. It doesn’t go away on its own unless it is treated. A toothache is an indicator of an underlying oral issue in your mouth, and it requires immediate attention from the best dentist in Sydney. Most of the toothaches are the result of tooth decay. Maybe you may have severe tooth decay or advanced gum disease. The treatments for tooth pain may be as simple as improving your oral health care routine or tooth extraction. Here are some of the causes of toothache:- Damaged teeth A damaged tooth is also one of the common reasons for tooth pain. Teeth that are chipped or broken due to trauma can cause toothache. Likewise, a damaged filling, crown, or dental implant can also contribute to toothache. Tooth decay This is one of the reasons for a toothache, and it has several degrees of severity. Cavities can create holes in your teeth which penetrate into the tooth enamel and underlying dentin. That is why you experience toothache. If left untreated, it can cause an abscess, which is an infection of the nerve and pulp inside the tooth and causes more severe pain. Gum disease Gum disease is also one of the reasons for a tooth ache. Tooth ache from gingivitis occurs when plaque buildup causes the gum to become red and swollen. If gingivitis is left untreated, periodontitis can occur and it is leads to a tooth loss. The inner layer of the gums pulls away from teeth and forms pockets that collect food debris and bacteria. Tooth eruption You can experience pain when your wisdom teeth erupt in. In most of the cases, it becomes impacted and causes a lot of dental issues which is why dentist Sydney recommends wisdom teeth removal. Symptoms It is crucial to pay attention to little things with your teeth. You may have an abscess and pus could have been collected around the tooth root. If your gums are swollen and bleeding you need to see the affordable dentist Sydney immediately. Besides, you need to visit the dentist soon if you experience any of these symptoms:- -Fever -Pain when you bite -Swelling around your teeth -Continuous pain that does not go away -Difficulty swallowing -A persistent bad breath Overlooked issues related to tooth pain lead to tooth loss. So, never put off your dental visit. Regular dental check-ups and professional dental cleanings are the key to keep dental problems at bay.
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