What do Fundraising Lost Keys ZipTags and Local Businesses have in Common?
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What do Fundraising Lost Keys ZipTags and Local Businesses have in Common?

Published by: Marvin Yakos (13)
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My Zip’s simple but ingenious “Buy Local” ZipTag program brings local businesses, community organizations and consumers together to everyone’s benefit.  Local businesses gain increased sales, an improved reputation and greater visibility. Nonprofits and other worthy organizations promote their cause and receive much needed revenue. Consumers benefit with My Zip’s inexpensive ZipTag product by saving money, helping their favorite nonprofits in the process, as well as protecting their valuable property. ZipTags create an affordable, exclusive, cohesive and cooperative dynamic whereby locals support locals.

Everyone profits, making the ZipTag an easy sale. Consumers save with real value at restaurants, salons, dry cleaners, book stores, car washes and at dozens of other locations. By purchasing ZipTags, consumers can also help fund their favorite organization. And, ZipTags help in valuable property recovery, creating a practical way to protect valuables.  ZipTags can be placed on key chains, cameras, cell phones, iPods, laptops, or any other valuable property. If a ZipTagholder loses any of their items, My Zip will help with the item recovery. There is a phone number on the ZipTag for finders to call and keys can simply be dropped into any mailbox.

Fundraisers love ZipTags, as they are inexpensive, but they have real value, healthy margins and can be resold on an annual basis. No more products that people don’t need or want, useless products that often translate into returns, spoilage or delivery issues. ZipTags are a perennial favorite and can work for any organization, such as a charity, nonprofit or specialty group, including schools, sport’s teams, religious organizations and even companies can use them for gifts or for employee benefits. 

In our fiercely competitive marketplace, cause-related marketing and social responsibility can beone of the most powerful mediums of exposure and a fundamental building block of a business’s reputation.  Consumers have become more discerning, demanding greater choice, accountability and transparency about business activities.  It makes total sense that local businesses be responsible in their communities.  A Cone/Roper Cause Related Trends Report found that Americans solidly and consistently support cause-related activities and that businesses see benefits to their brand’s reputation, image and bottom line. 

My Zip’s ZipTag program helps a local business increase its reputation and brand image while giving customers savings and exclusive offers, as well as a convenient way to contribute to nonprofit organizations through their purchasing decisions. Research International, Lightspeed Research and Dunnhumby, conducted a study which investigated the impact of Cause Related Marketing. 98% of consumers are now aware of at least one cause-related marketing program, as compared with 88% in 2000. Over 2/3 of consumers (68%) are still calling for more businesses to be involved in cause-related Marketing.  7 in 10 consumers who had participated in a cause-related marketing program report a positive impact on their behavior or perceptions.

To a local business, success is all about name recognition, reputation and long-term visibility.  And in this economy, maintaining visibility is also about simple, effective and affordable advertising.  It’s about your business name coming up and people saying, I’ve heard of them, they’re one of the good guys.   To stand out in a local community, a long-term cooperative commitment should be a core part of an effective advertising strategy. 

It has become more and more difficult for local businesses to out advertise their competition, so My Zip generates exclusivity because only two businesses per business category per zip code can participate.  In other words, two realtors, two plumbers, two insurances brokers, and so on. These Exclusive Partners are formed into a strategic placement of cooperative teamwork all working together towards the core component of reputation, brand personality and identity.   Aligning Exclusive Partners to create a reliance on relationships within their zip code is designed to be more than just a temporary spike in sales, but to create an enviable, ongoing, growing and long-term community presence for all participants.

The entire My Zip process is helped along by personalizing the program with Community Specialists, who live in the local community and work with all involved to make the program a success every step of the way. Community Specialists search out worthy Exclusive Partners and negotiate discounts, help with fundraising and distribute ZipTags. Along with management, Regional Managers form another hands-on layer of supervision and support to insure the program’s quantified development in every zip code.

My Zip is the most affordable, comprehensive and effective advertising program for local businesses in the country. ZipTags put “Buy Local” first and help circulate money in the community. My Zip distributes a number of ZipTags to worthy community members for free to jump start the program in any given zip code. Exclusive Partners, as well as fundraisers, can also sell ZipTags, which are then carried about by the consumer, becoming walking advertisements.  Exclusive Partners are included in the ZipTag Directory, where consumers can easily find discounts or special offers with no annoying clutter or popups. Participants are also included in the ZipTag News, which Exclusive Partners can print and put on their counters or email to their customers. Exclusive Partners also receive mobile marketing applications and My Zip submits Exclusive Partner information to over 140 local directories. The exclusivity factor makes space limited, and Exclusive Partners vie for those select positions that keep them one step ahead of the competition.

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ZipTags are good for a one year period and bear an expiration date. Their great value, small size, light weight, and easy handling requirements make selling ZipTags a breeze. This creates a built-in market for repeat sales. To find out more about My Zip’s fabulous “Buy Local” ZipTag program go to www.myziptag.com and Get Tagged!

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