What Factors Could Affect the Power Consumption of Refrigerator
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What Factors Could Affect the Power Consumption of Refrigerator

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There are many reasons in the increase of refrigerator power consumption. As the temperature increases, the using frequency of refrigerator is greatly increased, and power saving is also arising. Here I will tell you the main reasons of large power consumption.

First, the ambient temperature should not be too hot. The ambient temperature has a direct impact on the power consumption of the refrigerator. As the environment temperature increase, the cooling speed of the refrigerator will slow down. The slowing down inside temperature will lead to longer boot time and increase power consumption. According to an ordinary refrigerator experimental data analysis, when the ambient temperature reaches 32 ℃, its power consumption is about twice than at 25 ℃. The power consumption of 30 ℃ is 1.6 to 1.8 times than that of 25 ℃. Therefore, the refrigerator should be put as far away from heat sources as possible and it is better to set on the place of good ventilation.

Second, the gears of the thermostat should be adjusted frequently. Each refrigerator has a thermostat, which could adjust the gear to change the refrigerator temperature. The higher gear of thermostat it is, the lower temperature it is inside the refrigerator. When the freezer temperature reaches minus 18 ℃, it is difficult to decrease every 1 ℃. But the minimum temperatures of the continuous operation could decrease down to -24 ℃. Because of the large temperature difference between inside and outside and cold loss, the refrigerator will have longer boot time and even do not stop. In this situation, people could change the lower gears of thermostat to shorten the boot time. If the temperature is -18 ℃ instead of -22 ℃, it could help people save 30% power.

Third, minimize the times of opening doors. When we open the refrigerator door, we can feel the cold air running out, and temperature inside will rise inevitably. The thermostat temperature could not reach the temperature to stop working and it will increase power consumption.

Fourth, it is important to defrost in time. Frost is the non-conductor of heat and it covers on the surface of evaporator, which will influence the heat exchange between evaporator and foods. So the inside temperature could not cool down and it reduces the refrigerator cooling performance, increase power consumption, and even prolong compressor working time to result burning out. In addition, if you do not defrost for a long time, it will cause odor in the refrigerator.

Therefore, if we could pay attention to the normal maintenance of refrigerators, it will help us save a lot power.

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