What Is A Registered Service Dog Or A Service Animal?
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What Is A Registered Service Dog Or A Service Animal?

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What Is A Registered Service Dog Or A Service Animal?

A Registered Service Dog is your best friend and also your constant companion.  Service Dogs obtain this classification from being able to assist the owner with a multitude of physical and/or mental problems.  And this classification is not confined to Service Dogs.  Service Animals can also be classified as having the same abilities as a Service Dog.  The primary thing that The Americans With Disabilities Act (aka ADA) requires is that the Service Dog or Service Animal provides a service to the person with a disability.

Most people consider Service Dogs as mainly being for either a blind or deaf person and while that indeed is a very valuable service there are many other uses for these animals.  For instance, a dog or other animal can be trained to assist a person by pulling a wheelchair and they can pick up and retrieve items for people with mobility concerns.

A Service Dog can smell changes in the human body which can indicate that the individual either needs to take medication or needs to get assistance from a doctor.  For instance, a person with diabetes knows that this ailment primarily has the diabetes manifest itself in a persons feet.  So, when this persons Service Dog begins to paying too much attention to a persons feet then that patient knows that the dog is trying to tell them that their diabetes is getting out of control.

The same is also when a person has anxiety problems.  A Service Dog or even a Service Animal  can have a calming effect upon people with this specific problem.  This ailment is usually treated with medications where a Service Dog can have the same calming effect.

People with the problem of never getting out of the house know that their Service Dog will need to be let out of the house and be taken on walks.  Doctors know that this patient would never attempt to get this exercise without the Service Animal.  So, doctors are in agreement that a Service Dog is beneficial to this type of patient.

Doctors know that this arrangement is almost like a marriage between a man and a woman.  This is a marriage of a patient and a Service Animal.  The love that is produced by this companionship is invaluable to the patients health.

Under the ADA the patient does not have to have identification papers for their Service Dog.  However, a number of scam companies have come onto the scene which offer cheap ID papers.  These papers carry no weight because there are no requirements behind the issuing of these ID Cards.

However, there are legitimate companies such as Registered Service Dogs which requires that a patient gets a form signed by not only the patients doctor, which states that the Service Dog or Service Animal, is needed for a specific medical need.  Registered Service Dogs also requires that the patients veterinarian signs the same form which  states that the animal is safe to be in the general public.  This company and others like it that have these strict requirements are complying with the intent of The Americans With Disabilities Act.  This company can be reached on the internet at www.registereddervicedogs.com

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Glenn T. Cressy is the owner of Registered Service Dog. He was in construction Management for a number of years. He also was a Washington State Lobbiest and ran for the Washington State Senate. He is well versed in how to run a company that complies with the local and federal laws.

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