What Problems You Body Have Indicated by Teeth
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What Problems You Body Have Indicated by Teeth

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Teeth have an intimate relationship with our body health. Sometimes, some teeth problems could tell us the health condition of our body.

Bleeding gums – Hepatitis

If you always find bleeding gums when brush your teeth or bite food, you may often think of periodontal disease, but it may be related with liver disease. This phenomenon is common in patients with chronic liver disease, which is also accompanied by nose bleeds and menorrhagia. This is mainly due to liver cell injury. The production function of blood coagulation factors decreases and thus the blood coagulation mechanism is obstructed. Generally, hepatitis patients with dental bleeding can take vitamin C, vitamin K and other hemostatic agents to alleviate the condition.

Loose teeth – Osteoporosis

Middle-aged people are likely to have loose teeth. With the coming of menopause, the bone condition becomes more and more serious while the bone mineral density becomes lower and lower. The main reason of loose teeth is the unstable alveolar bone. If the condition of osteoporosis is serious, the alveolar bone osteoporosis is very likely to occur. This problem has no perfect way to settle, but we can predict it in advance, such as early dietary calcium intake, the jumping and vibrating exercise, frequent knocking teeth and so on.

Teeth grinding – Emotional stress

Teeth is the typical symptom of intestinal parasites. The toxins of parasites may stimulate nerves, resulting in teeth grinding caused by nervous excitement. But now our living condition is clean, and the possibility of suffering from intestinal parasites is very rare. Thus, it is mostly a manifestation of emotional stress. You need to alert your state of mind to completely relax.

Sore teeth – Stomach heat

When the teeth feel painful, it often reflects the problem of stomach. Stomach heat is often the cause of swelling teeth, which is accompanied by thirst, constipation, nausea, and abdominal distension.

Longer teeth – Diabetes

Many diabetic patients have such experience that the teeth get longer. The reason is that the saliva of diabetes patients has high sugar content, which is conducive to bacterial growth, while higher level of calcium in saliva is easy to form stones. This could increase the risk of periodontal disease and dental caries.

If you have the above symptoms, you can check your body to have a full understanding about your health.

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