Why dont you opt for Drip Irrigation
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Why dont you opt for Drip Irrigation

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This is a highly effective method of crop cultivation. You can control the amount of water that is used as part of cultivation. The entire world is undergoing a change now. If Covid19 attack was not enough, we have locust attacks to deal with. Locusts are pests that can damage cultivation beyond repair. A swarm of locusts can destroy tons of harvests in a matter of days. Hence, it is important to look for ways and means that will help you improve your cultivation and protect your crops from any type of pests. Locust attack cannot be stopped and it is difficult to control the damage done. However, you can do the following things to get back to the normal groove once this attach is over: • Take stock of your harvest. Try to access the level of damage done. Instead of repenting, get rid of the damaged crops and start afresh. It is easier said than done but you have to start from somewhere. • To ensure healthy crop growth you need to pay attention to your cultivation technique and irrigation systems. Make a list of the irrigation tools that you use in order to ensure better growth and development of crops. • Why don’t you opt for Drip Irrigation? This is a highly effective method of crop cultivation. You can control the amount of water that is used as part of cultivation. Through this method you can save both water and fertilizer. The water will either drip to the roots of the crops or it will drip on the soil’s surface so that the crop absorbs it. You can control the growth of weeds surrounding the crops because water gets delivered only where it is required. There is no wastage of any kind. • Use high quality seeds so that the crop cultivation is better. Nowadays organic seeds are available, why don’t you try them? • You should limit the use of pesticides on your crops. This can be done by using the proper ploughing and cultivation methods. Too much use of pesticides can affect the growth and development of the crops. • In case of expert advice on harvesting and cultivation, you can always talk to the government officials. Go to the district office to find out who is the concerned person with whom you can discuss on this. They will guide you to the correct person. Seek answers to all your queries and clarify all your doubts so that your concept about cultivation is clear. Cultivating crops is not an easy task. It requires commitment, dedication and a lot of patience. You have to keep in mind the changes in weather and how they can affect your crops. Make sure that you follow all the precautionary measures. Once the harvest is complete and you have collected your crops, make sure that you sell them at the right price. Why don’t you check out the farmer’s market? There you will get the opportunity to interact with the buyers directly. You will also met other farmers with their harvests. Interact with them to find out more about the latest cultivation techniques and methods. You can also discuss about BunningsDrip Irrigation and so on.
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