World-class engineering and liquid crystal display manufacturing and market leader in custom module display
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World-class engineering and liquid crystal display manufacturing and market leader in custom module display

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LXD, limited liability company has more than 40 years of manufacturing, a major contributor to the development of LCD industry, and research. LXD, limited liability company is the initiator of the LCD. Our history dates back to the International Liquid Crystal Company - the inventor of the TN liquid crystal display. LXD expansion, the establishment of an Hebei Jiya Electronics Co., Ltd. joint venture, which enables us to work with world-class engineering and production facilities, partners, specializing in the manufacture and sale of LCD and LCM products in the global design and manufacturing in China capacity.

The company in research and development, technology, and marketing of top quality electronic engineer. Product lines include TN, STN, HTN type, FSTN type, color STN, TFT and LCD modules. LXD will continue to provide sales, support, engineering, and quality in the United States As our capacity in China, LXD now display custom module design and manufacturing companies. Ideal for custom display requirements unique icons, graphics element or a specific size ideal for display applications. We improve the liquid crystal display optical and environmental performance of more than 30 patents (pin, fluid, and electronic products). We extended the standard temperature range (-55 ° C to +122 ° C) with our Extreme ? LCD screen, wide margins environmental stability, extremely wide viewing angle. Our capability allows us to design and manufacture custom displays up to 14 “× 16“. We focus on a very long life, high reliability displays for outdoor applications in industries, in these properties is essential. LXD liquid crystal display technology has become the authority.

Visit our popular technical resources section. As the industry leader, CMC Electronics Inc. is a design and for military and commercial aviation and ground applications Custom LCD module manufacturing experts. We provide services such as wider viewing angle and the best contrast of the LCD technology and optimization of key operating characteristics of various technologies. Heater can be used for application integration, to resist low temperature. CMC Electronics to meet the LED, incandescent, fluorescent and electroluminescent backlight source selection for all lighting requirements. We run the module in the day, night and dusk conditions, and comply with night vision requirements. And CMC Electronics products, quality and reliability is not synonymous with high prices. Simple design and integration of our production facilities to ensure cost-effective LCD components. Our LCD modules are the world’s aerospace and military systems components. CMC’s engineering and manufacturing excellence can be found in a typical example of the following: Display Keyboard Assembly Compact FSTN LCD module and keyboard integrated forms of tactical ground communication radio frequency parts. Built to withstand the harshest environments, the unit is completely sealed mating its host assembly.

An integral dot matrix display, silicon rubber keypads, special electronic circuits and software are all in a rugged die-cast aluminum enclosure. Military mobile phone assembly The phone includes a rugged, TN LCD module, in conjunction with the ground tactical radio communications. Designed for high volume production in particular, it shows that the function of the Central Military Commission in a complex assembly of integrated LCD displays. It also has a PTT switch, sound comparable to the H - 250, and radio remote control integrated keyboard. The General Assembly is to build an engineered thermoplastic housing to withstand outdoor cable is coiled and supported by the military environment. Space keyboard integrated AMLCD Custom integrated active-matrix display the keyboard in the General Assembly for aerospace applications. The color active matrix liquid crystal display provides a wide viewing angle and sunlight readable high brightness optical performance. It also includes an LCD anti-glare contrast enhancement filters, the ITO coating and the chassis ground to eliminate electromagnetic interference. RTCA/DO-160 production to meet environmental requirements, this is just one of many examples of AMLCD configuration available.

Avionics custom LCD modules Commercial high-reliability custom display module is used in the avionics application. The module contains an option card driver STN LCD glass, is a matrix of LED backlighting at night readability. The module has qualified RTCA/DO-160 environmental requirements. High-performance liquid crystal display module The display is in the air, military radio. Within a wide range of business needs, with a high-contrast segmentation and integration module is heated under the operation of night vision compatible color liquid crystal light to -55 ° C in the backlight, the device can be used for night vision or high ambient lighting conditions . The unit has a wide viewing angle loans in the cockpit environment, many of the application itself.

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