Yamaha s Yorkville YX15 Speaker
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Yamaha s Yorkville YX15 Speaker

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The Yorkville YX15 speaker delivers exceptional performance inside a highly flexible full variety loudspeaker constructed for programs where greater power is needed. It is actually engineered in the United States, the Yorkville YX15 speaker benefits through Yorkville’s 40 plus many years of PENNSYLVANIA enclosure style experience within the creation of the high-value general-purpose unaggressive 15-inch as well as horn loudspeaker housing. The new generation people want the outstanding performance of any speaker. Especially the young boys and girls prefer the higher quality sound. Yorkville YX15 Speaker can satisfy this specific condition.

The YX15 provides maximum overall performance in the most affordable loudspeaker collection ever provided by Yorkville Seem. It is actually engineered in the United States, the YX Series advantages of Yorkville’s 40 plus many years of PENNSYLVANIA enclosure style experience within the creation of those high overall performance yet economical general objective loudspeaker enclosures.

The altered trapezoidal form of the passive Yorkville YX15 speaker cabinets ensure they are able to work in an application including like a front-of-house cupboard, or keep track of speaker. It has also some extra facilities that are more efficient to provide the higher quality sound. Twin bulb CTL signal protection safeguards the 1. 4-inch light weight aluminum diaphragm horn drivers to guarantee the YX15 cabinets’ higher frequency horn will still function, without having damage, throughout typical overburden conditions. The young generation specially loves this situation of sound effect.

It has a 2 way system of passive way which is very necessary for the high quality sound effect. The program power is 300 watts. So you may understand that it can easily perform with an outstanding performance. It has no “Biampable.” The normal impedance of this is 8 Ohms. The sensitivity is 99 dB. The maximum SPL is 124 dB. The frequency response of Yorkville YX15 Speaker is 60 to 20K.

Just about all YX15 cupboards offer expert features, from probably the most compact cabinet within the line fully 600-watt twin 15-inch packed loudspeaker. Steel bar deals with, integrated remain mounts, complete metal grille as well as metal enter plate along with 0.25 in. and Loudspeaker inputs in addition to an shot molded ninety x thirty degree horns tend to be featured upon all cabinets within the YX15 collection.

The Yorkville YX15 speaker cabinets make use of injection cast horns along with 1-inch neck and 1.4 inch neodymium data compression drivers. Yorkville’s tried and tested dual-bulb CTL safety system safeguards the horn driver’s light weight aluminum diaphragm making sure unmatched reliability within the field. These cabinets are made road-ready along with easy-to-clean, long lasting black carpeting covering, strong internal plywood bracing as well as reinforced inner component brackets.

Designed along with working musicians in your mind, the Yorkville YX15 speaker offers tough 5/8 in. plywood cupboard construction, all-metal club handles, steel input dish, integrated loudspeaker mounts along with a custom punched, perforated steel grille to safeguard the loudspeaker components. An altered trapezoidal form ensures the Yorkville YX15 speaker can perform equally in addition to a front associated with house or even monitor loudspeaker.

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Yorkville YX15 Speaker



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