Yao Ming Decided to Retire Chinese Superstar Left NBA
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Yao Ming Decided to Retire Chinese Superstar Left NBA

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According to some authoritative media including NBA official website, ESPN and U.S. Yahoo, Chinese basketball player Yao Ming, who has played for Houston Rockets since he entered NBA in 2002, has formally decided to retire from NBA ending up his 9-year NBA career during which he received so many honors and suffered a lot for his injury. As the greatest basketball star of China, Yao Ming has eventually made his choice after suffered through rain and shiny days.

In 2002, Yao Ming joined Rockets as a champion of NBA draft pick. At that time, he bore the weight of Chinese basketball fans’ great hope. And later it proved that he is indeed the greatest and most successful basketball star in Chinese and even in Asia’s basketball circle. In his neither too long nor too short career, he has played 486 games, selected into NBA All-Rookie First Team once and NBA All-Star Game Western Conference First Team 8 times. During his nine years in NBA, he helped and led his team enter the post season. And during 07-08 seasons, he even led his team enter the second round of post season for the first time for many years.

However, since the terrible injury appeared when playing the third game with Lakers in the second round of the post season in 2009, Yao Ming has been persecuted by his hard-to-cure injury. During the past two seasons, he only played five games. And Rockets has lost the chance to play NBA post season for two years.

Last month, Rockets hold a news release conference, aiming to introduce new player Kevin Mikehire. Mikehire showed that he hoped Yao Ming could continue to play for Rockets. “If Yao could return to the team, we would be very happy. And I hope he can make it,” said Mikehire. But as it now seems, Mikehire, Rockets and even NBA, people or teams interested in Yao Ming will be disappointed.

In May this year, Yao said that he could keep fighting in NBA and played for Rockets if his injury could recover as predicted after the operation. However, the outcome is just the opposite to the wishes. After all, Yao Ming will say good-bye to NBA with numerous honors and achievements as well as pity of his fans.

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