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Your fashion guide celebrities in Oscar ceremony

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Every year, the Oscar ceremony is thought as a perfect fashion show. In Hollywood, the most beautiful and smart stars get together from every corner of the world. People are expected to see the dazzling celebrity dresses on this great ceremony.
On this ceremony, a plenty of dresses will be displayed. Stars need to find out the dresses they are going to wear months ago. This process should begin as the celebrities are informed to attend the ceremony. They know clearly that what they wear on that day will be the focus of people’s attention from the whole world. In this year, there we can see many impressive dresses there.
The famous star Katherine Heigl is wearing extremely conspicuous dress ancillary with delicate jewelry. That empire line dress makes her very eye-catching. With a long train, this dress looks so elegant. The strapless design of this celebrity dress provides a sense of simplicity at the same time.
Jessica Alba shows up in an elegant plum long gown on the red carpet. With jewelry from Catier and Jimmy Choo bag, she looks so great. We know that Jessica Alba is in a state of pregnancy. She uses the plum empire line gown to cover up the bloated bodies of pregnant women. The panache draws attention to her beautiful face. You have to admire people who dress up with fashion taste.
Our great actress Tilda Swinton always has extraordinary taste for dress. She shows her temperament as neutral freely. She is just the disguise in Orange flower. A black long dress shows her personality totally. Her red short hair makes her stand out from so many beautiful celebrities.
Hilary Swank appears in a chiffon layered dress. This dress is embroidered. It is accompanied by Chopard hair ornaments, diamond earrings and bracelet. We can see the feather-like glitter eyelashes on her face. It is really feminine and sexy.
Renée Zellweger is wearing Cartier jewelry. She is dressed in shiny silver hand-embroidered Carolina Herrera gown. This dress has high slits from band to band exposing a pair of silver high heels. With this scene, Oscar is always a little something like this was really like Oscar. After all, Hollywood glitzes shining elements.
Among the first well-known fashion supermodels, Vanessa Paradis is relative to those on the red carpet for the Hollywood actress loud fame. Perhaps she seems weak, but her husband, Johnny Depp is completely able to attract the attention of those who have been snatched back. Wearing a short dress and custom shirt, Johnny Depp looks extremely glamorous.
Celebrity gowns on Oscar are usually viewed in night of Oscars Academy Awards. Sometimes, viewing on TV is better than attending the ceremony. You can enjoy yourself at home and do not need to pay for the tickets. If you just care about the Celebrity gowns, TV ..viewing will be enough.

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