Zeniths Resplendent and Shining in the Sky
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Zeniths Resplendent and Shining in the Sky

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Zenith brand was founded in Sweden in 1865, which has a long history of 145 years. And Zenith is a brand which can design, make and produce all movements and watches independently in the world. Zenith Watch has been preserving its fighting spirits by striving for perfectness and offering time with a wonderful gift. 

Zenith has been keeping its faith by blending tradition and modern smartly, which continuously creates aesthetic feelings when perfects its watch movement. The stars symbolizing Zenith has been always shining in the sky.   No. 1 Zenith vintage wrist watches   Zenith vintage watch was issued in honor of anniversary ceremonies.

This series uses EL Primero traditional movement which has been named as 469 to show respect for the early wrist watches. And this series of watches is composed of 278 parts and 31 rubies. There are three branches in this series: rose gold represents past, stainless steel represents present, and titanium alloy represents future.

Thus this series is considered as limited edition by collectors.     No. 2 Academy watches   This Academy watch took three years in research and development, the engineers and designers of Zenith finally realized the grand masterwork. This watch can keep balance of energy, and it can create super accurate timing: 1/10 second. The eccentricity of 11 clocks is the individual design of this series.

The large dial, rose gold watch case, and the black leather watch strap of this watch all are unique from other watch brands.     No. 3 Elite Love series   Love series of Zenith has been enchanting products for women, each of them is worthy of collection.

Mild and graceful Roman numerals, unique heart-shape dial, perfect core showed by hollow-out, black watch dial, and crocodile leather strap can blend the simple but graceful modern fashion with this classic heart-shape design. Thus this watch has become favorite token for love, which can open the origin of happiness and witness gorgeous and sweetie affection time.   

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