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Amanda Williams
Joined Articleswrap on December 23, 2011
Published Articles : 1
Website : http://www.psychic-amanda.com
City : Toronto
About Amanda Williams
My name is Amanda im a psychic & spiritualist people always ask me what is a psychic or what is a spiritualist I simply tell them im indigo why indigo? a indigo is a human being that is in tune with his or her surroundings like how another person if sum one near me is happy I feel that joy but if the person is in distress or pain I also feel this not only am I just in tune with a persons emotions I can actually hone in on a persons thoughts whether it be a buried traumatic situations from the past or what your planning to do during the week , this is why I say being psychic/indigo are two of the same psychics/indigos have been around for ages
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