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Joseph Franklin
Joined Articleswrap on January 18, 2019
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Website : Fareferry@247
City : Chicago
About Joseph Franklin
I am a travel photographer and blogger. Ever since a young age, I have been fascinated by travel pictures that use to be exhibited on the magazines and postcards. It only took me one step outside Chicago to Sacramento (for my internship) wanting to pursue my forever passion for traveling. The core foundation coating my travel interest has always been food and photography. I have always been a foodie and photography happens to be my hobby. I diffused both my strong interests and combined it well to fuel my passion for travel. I majorly write about travels surrounding food and relationships. There are a lot better ways to write about travel blogs, but I feel a place tells a lot through its food and relationships it shares. I have traveled to almost all the states in the country, brewing fresh stories and memories. I am here to show the real empathic side of traveling and that all my blogs are relatable and not superficial.
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