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JR Hunn
Joined Articleswrap on July 4, 2011
Published Articles : 1
Website : http://jrfibonacci.wordpress.com/why-hui/
City : Mesa
About JR Hunn
In early 2003, J.R. Hunn began publishing warnings about an emerging global credit crisis and an eventual sharp decline in US Real Estate. In 2004 and 2005, he focused his publications on the future of rising prices of oil and gasoline, also pinpointing the top of the stock prices of the US Housing Sector (which has since fallen over 80%). In 2006, he produced triple-digit gains gains by trading the waves of metals. In 2007, he re-emphasized his warnings about US Real Estate, reporting the 15% decline in Phoenix, AZ median list prices (which were down 37% as of 9/2008). Throughout 2008, he issued warnings about the predictable consequences of the retiring of the first wave of the baby boom, including a final spike in prices of metals and oil, and the sequence of events that could follow that, including certain political "antics."
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